Thursday, October 12, 2017

HW - Thursday, 10/12

  • FRIDAY: P.E. (probably indoors); Science Lab; Little Buddies
  • Next Tuesday: Picture Day
  • Next Wednesday: Field Trip to Don Edwards
  • THANK YOU to Rylen's mom for being our Project Cornerstone parent and doing a lesson on Tuesday!
  • 1/5 of the class still has not completed their Lego name tag plans! Thank you to those who finished and turned them in! Three orders have been placed and two arrived today.
  • The rest of the Scholastic Book Orders are scheduled to be delivered soon.
    1.  Read for 30 min.
    2.  Language Arts
    • Wordly Wise - 7e; Lesson 7 Test on Friday
    • Time for Kids - Read; Open magazine quiz on Monday
    3.  Math
    • Textbook pgs. 138-140
    • Workbook pgs. 5-4 R; 5-5 R
    • Topic 5 Test on Friday, 10/13
    4.   History - pgs. none
    • Native Californian Project due Friday, Oct. 27; refer to the tab on the front page for additional resources
    5.   Science - pgs. 96-99

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