Sharks Reading Is Cool: Readers of the Month

The following students returned their completed Sharks' Reading Is Cool Reading Logs and were the top readers who satisfied that month's goal.

AUGUST/SEPTEMBER (Most Books - 100 pgs+ - Completed) TBD / # Class pages read: TBD

OCTOBER  (Most Pages Read) -  TBD  / # Class pages read: TBD

NOVEMBER  (Most Books - 100 pgs+ - Completed) -  TBD / # Class pages read: TBD

DECEMBER  (Most Pages Read)TBD  / # Class pages read: TBD

JANUARY  (Most Authors Read) -  TBD / # Class pages read: TBD

FEBRUARY  (Most Pages Read) TBD / # Class pages read: TBD

MARCH  (Most Books  - 100 pgs + - Completed) -  TBD / # Class pages read: TBD 

APRIL  (Most Pages Read) TBD / # Class pages read: TBD

The class's All-Star Reader is the student who not only reads the most books and turns in reading logs consistently but exemplifies the traits good readers should have.


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